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Sunday 16th September 2007
Judge: Mr. Allen Horner (Stineval)

Best Dog: Penlumeg Percival By Badgerbeck JW
Res Best Dog: Foxfactor Hornblower JW ShCM
Best Puppy Dog: Glebeheath Johnny the One

Best Bitch: Badgerbeck Fantacy JW
Res Best Bitch: Baywillow Blue Bouquet for Badgerbeck
Best Puppy Bitch: Picer Bright Idea

Best In Show: Badgerbeck Fantacy JW
Best Opposite Sex: Penlumeg Percival By Badgerbeck JW
Reserve Best in Show: Penlumeg Percival By Badgerbeck JW

Best Puppy in Show: Picer Bright Idea
Res Best Puppy in Show: Glebeheath Johnny the One

Best Veteran: Ch/Fr.Ch. Plushcourt Ruffle
Oldest Veteran: Dandyhow Sir Toby

Minor Puppy Dog: 6 -1
1: Glebeheath Johnny the One
2: Lutrabeck Limited Edition
3: Benattivo Rock Robin
Res: Middlelock Archer
VHC: Hynerbrook Mountain Ash

Puppy Dog: 6-1
1: Arizcrow Sergeant At Arms
2: Gypsywood Snap
3: Glebeheath Robin The Hood
Res: Tufterslodge Walnut
VHC: Middlelock Archer

Junior Dog: 6 -0
1: Duke of William at Intack
2: Lothbeg Louis
3: Bolt Tail Jebba
Res:Towden Storm Diver at Laurelton
VHC :Ruffenuff Pure Chance

Special Beginners Dog: 2
1:Gypsywood Snap
2:Hynerbrook Mountain Ash

Maiden Dog: 7-0
1: Glebeheath Johnny the One
2: Duke of William at Intack
3: Ruffenuf Pure Chance
Res: Slim Jim of Camedown
VHC:Laurelton Lexie

Novice Dog: 6 -3
1:Glebeheath Johnny the One
2: Tufterslodge Whistler
3: Caznray Double Trouble

Graduate Dog: 10-2
1:Brockfox Mr Bombastic
2:Badgerbeck Festive Spirit At Blewecourt
3:Jenabeck Cie Coch
Res:Clipstone Taylor
VHC: Hobholt Harrier

Post Graduate Dog: 7
1: Foxfactor Hornblower JW ShCM
2:Picer Monty Zoomer of Tufterslodge
3:Michaelmas Red
Res:Hoary Morning
VHC:Hawcoat Double Expresso

Limit Dog: 8-2
1: Penlumeg Percival By Badgerbeck JW
2: Otterwood Amex JW Sh.CM
3: Dandyhow Figaro at Glebeheath JW Sh.CM
Res: Oxcroft Roonie
VHC:Kersfell Cock Robin at Hobholt

Open Dog: 9
1: Glorron Captain Hook
2: Dockens Augustus at Jenabeck JW
3: Brookbank Break the Spell JW
Res: Lutrabeck Likewise
VHC: Chesterton Tomfoolery


Minor Puppy Bitch: 9- 2
1: Foxyard Obsession
2: Picer Polyanthus
3: Glebeheath Minnie The Motor At Blewecourt
Res: Lutrabeck Tuppennyblue
VHC: Jaywise Maisie

Puppy Bitch: 10 - 3
1: Picer Bright Idea
2: Radnorvalley Fairy Tale
3: Lighthorne Lottie
Res: Tufterslodge Willow
VHC: Hartleymoor Willow

Junior Bitch: 8-5
1: Badgerbeck Purdi
2: Baywillow Canape of Smalesmouth
3: Chesterton Flirtation

Special Beginners Bitch: 5-1
1:Hynerbrook Field Maple

Maiden Bitch: 8-4
1:Clipstone Miss Wholee
2:Chesterton Fancy Free
3: Ali of Rydale
Res: Jaywise Masie

Novice Bitch: 10 - 2
1: Laurelton Blue Lace
2: Chesterton Fancy Free
3: Hartleymoor Willow
Res:Camedown Sunset
VHC:Hynerbrook Coral

Graduate Bitch: 15 - 4
1: Badgerbeck Purdi
2: Tyrian Rosebud
3: Brookbank Bright 'n Breezie
Res:Hartswein She's Magic
VHC:Borderella Amy

Post Graduate Bitch: 10-2
1: Tyrian Starlight
2: Borderella Emma
3: Borderella Elsa
Res: Gwingwilli Little Owl
VHC: Hartswelin Jazz

Limit Bitch: 13 - 6
1: Baywillow Blue Bouquet for Badgerbeck
2: Oxcroft Ruby
3: Otterwood Ilex JW ShCM
Res: Bakers Delicious
VHC: Tyrian Indian Summer

Open Bitch: 11 - 6
1: Badgerbeck Fantacy JW
2: Otterwood Breeze JW ShCM
3: Port Ch Brumberhill Bumble Bee by Plushcourt
Res: Morgandare Tohyah at Hawcoat
VHC: Grabbist Opal

Special Open Blue & Tan Dog or Bitch: 3 - 2
1: Laurelton Blue Lace

Special Open Working Dog or Bitch: 3
1: Penlumeg Percival by Badgerbeck JW
2:Ch/Fr.Ch Plushcourt Ruffle
3:Highfell Amy

Veteran Dog or Bitch: 11 - 5
1: Ch/ Fr.Ch Plushcourt Ruffle
2: Gaytime Girl of Otterwood
3: Olderhill Hesta at Borderella
Res: Dandyhow Sir Toby
VHC:Grabbist Neptunite

Pictures By Christine Horner..mant thanks Christine


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