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Judge Bill Gillott (Weegee)

DOC CC: Clipstone Hardcash
RES DOG CC: Ruelata Acrobat at Redfox
BITCH CC:Matamba Sequin & BOB
RES BITCH CC: Barrowayden Montrachet at grindleleval
BEST PUPPY IN BREED: Vandermeres Secret Agent

BEST OF BREED: Matamba Sequin
BEST PUPPY IN BREED:Vandermeres Secret Agent

Minor Puppy Dog: 9/0
1: Stineval Picotta
2: kersfell Quest
3: Tufterslodge Whistler
Res: Gameway Charles Dickens
VHC: Breaconbeds Paddywack

Puppy Dog: 7/0
1: Vandermeres Secret Agent
2: Caznray Double Trouble
3: Badgerbeck Prestige
Res: Paulabell Billy

Junior Dog: 11/0
1: Ruelata Acrobat at Redfox RES CC
2: Lutrabeck Likewise
3: Hobholt Harrier JW
Res: Iacheslei Torant.
VHC: badgerbeck Mr Digs

Yearling Dog: 8/1
1: Clipstone Taylor
2: Foxfactor hornblower JW
3: Michaelmas Red
Res:Brockfox Mr Bombastic
VHC: Jenabeck Ciecoch

Graduate Dog: 7/1
1: Iacheslei Torus JW
2: Foxfactor hornblower JW
3: Badgerbeck Mr Digs
Res: Justrite Joker at Totemia
VHC: Bobtail Jeba

Post Graduate Dog:6/2
1: Glorran Captain Hook
2: Melroc Jewel at Rosenmogh
3: Hoary Morning
Res: Hillifleigh Larch at Termlintor

Limit Dog: 15/2
1: Rhozzum Dankworth
2: Barrowaydem Malbec Might at Grindelvald JW
3: Baywillow Racing blue JW
Res: Brockfox Buckshot
VHC: Kersfell Cock Robin at Holbolt

Open Dog:9/1
1: Clipstone Hard Cash CC
2: Ch Kersfell One for the master
3: Ch Irton Silver knight
Res: Ch Tythrop Tapas
VHC: Ch wilderscot Toffee


Minor Puppy Bitch: 17/4
1: Jaslou Ceraunus blue
2: Rhozzum Fancy Free
3: Tufterslodge Willow
Res: Mickletweed Bella
VHC: Winhazel Apocalypo

Puppy Bitch: 10/1
1: Baywillow Tarte Tatin
2: Ravenside Ouija Board
3: Mark ridge My Totty
Res: Baywillow Blue Bouquet for Badgerbeck
VHC: Lauralen Lara of Olderhill

Junior Bitch: 19/5
1: Penlumeg Pendant
2: Dandyhow Declared at Barterhound
3: Bandycoot Miss April
Res: Othancourt EllieMay
VHC: Cobstoneway Moon light

Yearling Bitch: 7/1
1: Bakers Delight
2: Lipley Tau Pau
3: Borderella Amy
Res: Clipstone Tweed at Bramblequest
VHC: Wyken Pippin

Graduate Bitch: 8/1
1: Mansergh Miss Otis
2: Clipstone Gold threads
3: Bakers Delight
Res: Loralton Blue Lace
VHC: Baywillow Blue Bouquet for Badgerbeck

Post Graduate Bitch: 16/5
1: Otterwood Ilex JW ShCh
2: Totherend BlueBell O Ball
3: Bryn Rebel Flame Brocade
Res: Bidderstone Pineapple at kelphope
VHC: Cloverpatch at Termlingtor

Limit Bitch: 22/7
1: Barrowwaydem Montrachet at Grindlevald RES CC
2: Orenberg Faire hawk
3: Blackmine Paper heart
Res: Tallowbrook First Soprano
VHC: Baywillow Columbo

Open Bitch: 14/?
1: Matamba Sequin CC & BOB
2: Dandyhow Madame Butterfly
3: Rubicon Reward
Res: Dandyhow Spelling Bee
VHC:Nanrich lets go to Vandermere


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