Northern BTC Open show 21st April 2007

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Northern BTC Open show 21st April 2007 Empty Northern BTC Open show 21st April 2007

Post by Julie on Wed Mar 04, 2009 2:35 pm

Northern BTC Open show
Sat 21st April 2007

Judge:Diane Rayner (Stoneygin)

BEST IN SHOW: J Lee's Ch Tythrop Tapas
RES BIS: N Hoggs Raeburnfoot Claret

Best dog:Ch Tythrop Tapas
res Best dog Justrite Joker
Best Bitch: Raeburnfoot Claret
Res Best Bitch: Breconbeds Fern

BEST PUP IN SHOW : J Singhs Vandermere Secret Agent
RES BPIS : J Martins Dugaden WildCat

Minor puppy dog: 4/0
1:Breconbeds Paddy Wack
2:Picer Monty Zumer
3:Earthwise Follow me
res:Manx Ballacraine

Puppy Dog:4/1
1:Vandermeres Secret Agent
2:Vallemoss Voodoo at Roxess
3:Barkhouse Billy of Charrock

Junior dog:5
1:Iacheslei Torus JW
2:Ruelata Acrobat at Redfox.
3:Foxcraig Jester
res:Master Minstrel
VHC:Brownber Buzz Lightyear

Maiden dog:3/1
1: Master Minstrel
2:Earthwise follow me

Novice dog: 3
1: Master Minstrel
2:Earthwise follow me
3:Brownber Buzz Lightyear

Post grad dog 12/?
1: Justrite Joker at Totemia
2: Foxcraig Magician
3:Karison kasper
res:Ragatam Guilder
VHC: Junctionnine Island Blue

Limit dog:10/5
1:Badgerholme Ripon garnet JW ShCM
2:Earthwise Deuteronomy ShCM
3:Iacheslei taum
res:Dugaden Tusker
VHC: Rexlands Red Start

Open dog1
1:Ch tythrop Tapas


Minor puppy bitch4/1
1:Winhazel Apocalypo
2:Manx Explorer
3:Tythrop Trabiala
res:Caznray Miss Gabriel
VHC:Middross Brook

Puppy bitch:9/2
1:Dugaden wild Cat
2:Ravenside Ouija Board
3: Macey Scardunger
res:Orenberg Bria von Totemia
VHC:Little miss Lauren

Junior bitch16/6
1:Foxcraig Magic
2:Rulata All Spice JW
3:Thorneyburn Minny the Minx
res:Iacheslei Montanus
VHC:Thorneyburn Molly Malone at Hewbay

Maiden bitch4/1
1:Dugaden wildcat
2:Ruelata Asteroid
3:Tythrop Trabiala

Novice bitch5/0
1:Dugaden Wildcat
2:BonnySweet Scarlet
3:Ruelata Asteroid
res:Tythrop Trabiala
VHC:Dugaden Capercaillie

Post grad bitch:18/7
1:Raeburnfoot Claret
2:Breconbeds Fern
3:Mickleheath Crystal by Ragatam
res:Spinning wheel Blue at Mickleheath
VHC:Carrickfarm Maddy

Limit bitch11/6
1:Iacheslei Deva JW
2:Ashbrae Trinnie
3:Partypopper at mickleheath
res:Otterbobs Kirsty at Junctionnine
VHC:Glenbucket Scotch Thistle

Open bitch9/5
1:Matamba Sequin
2:Nanrich Lets Go to Vandamere.
3:Irton Fiddlers on Fire
res:Mickleheath Emerald

Working certificate dog or bitch

1:Thorneyburn Highjinx

Veteran dog or bitch 3/1
1:Ch Dandale Parkin at tythrop
2:Ch Badgerholme Ripon Boy


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