East Anglia BTC Championship Show 15th April 2007

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East Anglia BTC Championship Show 15th April 2007

Post by Julie on Wed Mar 04, 2009 2:34 pm

East Anglia BTC Championship Show
Sunday - 15th April 2007
Judge: Mr Stewart Mc Pherson (Brumberhill)

DOG CC: -Mr P & Mrs L MacDonalds: Penlumeg Percival at Badgerbeck & BIS
Res Dog CC: - Mrs M Sharp: Rhozzum Dankworth
Best Dog Puppy: - Robinson & Pearsons :Rexlands CrossBill
BITCH CC: - Mrs J Gillam: Ch Orenberg Faerie Hawk JW (sub KC ) RES BIS & BOS
Res BITCH CC: Mr B & Mrs K Newsome Kighill Millie Moo JW ShCM
Best Bitch Puppy: Mr P & Mrs L MacDonalds Badgerbeck Purdi BPIS

Minor Puppy Dog: 5/1
1: Rexland Cross Bill
2: Picer Monty Zumer
3: Kersfell Quest
Res:Aldermar Carhu

Puppy Dog: 7/2
1: Vandamere Secret Agent
2: Dugaden Digger
3: Vallemoss Voodoo at Roxess
Res: Tamerila Harris Tweed
VHC: Bonzodog Boat Race

Junior Dog: 10/1
1: Penlumeg Percival at Badgerbeck
2: Hobholt Harrier JW
3: Stineval Acerola
Res: Lutrabeck Likewise
VHC: Badgerbeck Festive Spirit

Maiden Dog: 5
1: Lutrabeck Limbo
2: Tamerila Harris Tweed
3: Kersfell Quest
Res: Barrowaydem Malvasia

Novice Dog: 4
1: Michaelmas Red
2: Tamerila Harris Tweed
3: Lession Dinksboy at Oberon
Res: Kersfell Quest

Post Graduate Dog: 14/2
1: Badgerbeck MrDigs
2: Windrushway Chinook
3: Gameway Illusion
Res: Michaelmas Red
VHC: Hoary Morning

Limit Dog: 22/7
1: Rhozzum Dankworth
2: Mansergh Host a Roast at Risdene
3: Barrowaydem Malbec Might at Grindelvald JW
Res: Dugaden Tusker
VHC: Dandyhow Dumb Waiter

Open Dog: 13/3
1: Ch Tythrop Taggart At Smalesmouth
2: Ch Tythrop Tapas
3: Risdene Quink
Res:Ch Otterbobs Ninezergh
VHC: Kersfell Comet JW

Special beginner Dog 11/2
1: Badgerbeck Festive Spirit
2: Tythrop Jupiter
3: Blaentir Sky Quest
Res: Bolt tail Jebba
VHC: Banndicoot April Storm

Working dog 4/2
1: Penlumeg Percival at Badgerbeck
2: Badgerbeck Splinter

Veteran Dog 5
1: Ch Ottaswell Superstition
2: Pipruda Shaamit
3: Spinneyford Snow Owl
Res: Dandyhow Sir Toby
VHC: Rhozzom Revival


Minor Puppy Bitch: 12/4
1: Badgerbeck Purdi
2: Ottaswell Carmen
3: Rhozzum Fancy Free
Res: Jaslou Ceravnus Blue
VHC: Stoneygin Isabella

Puppy Bitch: 17/5
1: Baywillow Blue Bouquet for Badgerbeck
2: Baywillow Canape for Smalesmouth
3: Markrich My Moti
Res: Dugaden Wildcat
VHC: Sexton Magic Becula of Withershins

Junior Bitch: 16/4
1: Badgerbeck Fantacy
2: Blue Tutu via Ycart
3:Hobholt Harmony
Res: Borderella Amy
VHC: Bandicoot Miss April

Maiden Bitch:15/1
1: Badgerbeck Purdi
2: Blue Tutu via Ycart
3: Baywillow Canape
Res: Raljo Raindrop
VHC: Dugaden Wildcat

Novice Bitch:19/3
1: Baywillow Blue Bouquet for Badgerbeck
2: Hobhill Harmony
3: Baywillow Canape
Res: Cederhill Cinder'n' ashes
VHC: Bakers Delight

Post Graduate Bitch: 25/0
1: Badgerbeck Fantacy
2: Vallemoss Viola
3: Dugaden Ptarmigan
Res: Doramill Isadora
VHC: Wagtail Lass via ycart

Limit Bitch: 30/7
1: Ch Orenberg Faerie Hawk JW (sub KC )
2: Kighill Millie Moo JW ShCM
3: Baywillow Maid with Spice for Halcus JW
Res: Mansergh Maisytoats at Alcumlow
VHC: Manorcroft Taylormaid

Open Bitch: 17/5
1: Gameway Solstice at Benattivo
2: Matamba Sequin
3: Mansergh Daisytoats
Res: Ir. & Int. Ch. Conundrum Whole Lotta Rosie at Comberdown
VHC: Dandyhow Spelling Bee

Special Beginners Bitch: 13/1
1: Vallemoss Viola
2: Doramill Isadora
3: Borderella Amy
Res: Raljo Raindrop
VHC:Gameway Midnight Sun

Veteran Bitch:5/1
1: Kelgram Kashmere At Artwork
2: Ottaswell Rhythm n' Blues
3: Clipstone Blue Scilla
Res: Olderhill Hester at Borderella

Breeders Class:
1: Anne Roslin Williams
2: Mike Hollingsbee
3: Simon & Bev Jackson


class 6yrs - 11 yrs Lawrence Jackson (Clipstone)
class 12yrs -16yrs Elena Gilpin (Otterbob)


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