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Scottish Border Terrier Club
Championship Show
Saturday 10th November 2007
Judge: Mrs Marie Sharp (Rhozzum)

BEST IN SHOW: Brumberhill Best Seller
RES BIS: Baywillow Racing Blue
BOS: Ch Hollowmoor Coremy

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW:Irton up Helly Aa

DOC CC: Brumberhill Best Seller
RES DOG CC:Baywillow Racing Blue
BITCH CC: Ch Hollowmoor Coremy
RES BITCH CC: Baywillow Blue Bouquet for Badgerbeck
BEST PUPPY DOG: Irton up Helly Aa
BEST PUPPY BITCH: Totemia Chelsea Monday

Veteran Dog or Bitch:18(12)
1: Totherend Hotshot
2: Cringleie Charlie Boy
3: Badgerholme Eber Venture At Darboral
Res:Achnagairn Little Pate
VHC Holmston Close Call

Special Working Cert Dog: 2
1: Penlumeg Percival by Badgerbeck JW
2: Thorneyburn High Jinx

Minor Puppy Dog: 12(1)
1: Ragatam Harris
2: Otterbobs Popplewell
3: Ruelata Boulder
Res: Thorsewood Major Domus
VHC: Thorsewood First Edition

Puppy Dog:7-(1)
1: Irton up Helly Aa
2: Mansergh Song Thrush
3: Thorsewood Major Domus
Res: Thorsewood First Edition
VHC: Reiverstay Rita's Star

Junior Dog: 18(5)
1: Brumberhill Battle Cry
2: Lairhope Major Tom
3: Earthwise Follow me
Res: Vandameres Secret Agent
VHC: Rexlands Crossbill

Yearling Dog: 7(2)
1: Penlumeg Percival by Badgerbeck JW
2: Baillieswells Riechlachan
3: Earthwise Follow me
Res: Vallemoss Voodoo at Roxess
VHC: Remony Raceaway

Special Beginners Dog: 4
1: Master minstrel
2: Jesholdais Fiorgorm
3: Highfell Orient
Res: Kariston Kasper

Maiden Dog: 7(2)
1: Mansergh Songthrush
2: Ruelata Boulder
3: Brackaghmoss Limeric Lad
Res: Jesholdais Fiorgorm
VHC:Earthwise Wolf bane

Novice Dog: 5(2)
1:Mansergh Songthrush
2:Joncroft Orcadion Scion
3: Highfell Orient

Graduate Dog: 10(3)
1: Akenside Xerox
2: Hobhill Harrier JW
3: Badgerbeck Festive Spirit at Blewecourt
Res: Master Minstrel
VHC: Dandyhow Zat

Post Grad Dog: 9(4)
1:Blewe of Hullavington SHCM
2:Design by Geordie
3: Greenbrow Golden Grain of Enterlaw
Res: Crookdale Cracker
VHC: Carrick Major

Limit Dog: 13(4)
1: Brumberhill Best Seller CC
2: – Dugaden Tusker SH CM
3: Foxfactor Hornblower
Res: Earthwise Deuteronomy SH CM
VHC: Dugaden Foudland Blaeberry Boy SH CM

Open Dog:
1: Baywillow Racing Blue RES CC
2: Ch Irton Silver Knight
3: Ch Otterwood Amex JW Sh.CM
Res: Holmston Fairtrader For Flutorum
VHC: CH Otterbobs Ninezergh

Minor Puppy Bitch: 11(4)
1: Totemia Chelsea Monday
2: Ragatam Harmony
3: Glebeheath Minnie the Motor at Blewecourt
Res: Totemia Garden Party
VHC: Time to Go

Puppy Bitch: 10(3)
1: Brackaghmoss Sapphire
2: Kilburn Chocolate Muffin
3: Akenside yoyo
Res: Foxthorn Maggie may
VHC: Crookdake Pearl

Junior Bitch: 17(6)
1: Baywillow Tarte Tatin
2: Badgerbeck Purdi
3: vandamere Fields of Gold in Comberdown
Res: Joncroft Water kelpie
VHC: Partidgedale Blueberry

Yearling Bitch: 13(3)
1: Thorneyburn Minnie the Minx
2: Ruelata Allspice
3: Totherend Toffee Apple
Res: Ballieswells Auchtertool
VHC:Kalebank Country Romance

Special beg Bitch: 7
1: Thorneybank Sheena
2: Kilburn Chocolate Muffin
3: Thorneyhurst Summer Breeze
Res: Foxthorn Maggie May
VHC: Bonny Sweet scarlet

Maiden Bitch: 15(3)
1: Brackaghmoss Sapphire
2: Glebeheath Minnie the Motor at Blewecourt
3: Brackaghmoss Bramble

Novice Bitch: 11(5)
1: Glebeheath Minnie the Motor at Blewecourt
2: Thornbank Susuki
3: Babhaugh babe
Res: Kalebank Country Ruby
VHC: Achnagairn Smart Card

Graduate Bitch: 16(3)
1: Baywillow Tarte Tatin
2: Thorneyburn keyhole kate
3: Thornbank Sheena
Res: Mickleheath Crystal by Ragatam
VHC:Wagtail lass via Ycart

Post Graduate Bitch:
1: Kersfell Cantale
2: Rexlands Sirin
3: Totherend Bluebell O'Ball
Res: Kalebank Country Romance
VHC: Badgerholme Ascot Charm at Darboral JW

Limit Bitch: 20(Cool
1: Baywillow Blue Bouquet for Badgerbeck RES CC
2: Brumberhill breeze
3: Totherend Twinkabell
Res: Blue Tutu via Ycart
VHC: Stoneygin Ripon Ruby by Badgerholme

Open Bitch: 19
1: Ch Hollowmoor Coremy CC2: Ashbrae Trinnie
3: Badgerbeck Fantacy JW
Res: baywillow Beguiling
VHC:Nanrich Lets Go to Vandamere


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