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Northern Border Terrier Club Ch Show Saturday 6th October 2007
Judge: Mr Bill Shorthose (Cundytyke)

BEST IN SHOW: CH Tweedburn Valentino
DOC CC: CH Tweedburn Valentino
RES DOG CC: Ch Ashbrae Poacher
BITCH CC: Ch Brumberhill Betwixt ShCM JW
RES BITCH CC: Tythrop Traviata
BEST PUPPY DOG: Ragatam Harris
BEST PUPPY BITCH: Tythrop Traviata
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW: Tythrop Traviata

Minor Puppy Dog:6-2
1: Ragatam Harris BPD
2: Ruelata Boulder
3: Byron Green Grass
Res: Jesholdais Sroi Gorm

Puppy Dog:10-2
1: Gameway Charles Dickens
2: Irton Up Helly Aa
3: Joncroft Orcadion Scion
Res: Faysoph Roland Roger at Paleside
VHC: Stineval Picotta

Junior Dog:14-6
1: Bromscar Powderfinger
2: Brackaghmoss Limeric Lad
3: Vandameres Secret Agent
Res: Rexlands Cross Bill
VHC: Breconbeds Paddiwack

Yearling Dog:10-4
1: Iacheslei Torus JW
2: Foxcraig Jester
3: Ruelata Acrobat at Redfox
Res: Master Minstrel
VHC:Appleside Little Herbert

Maiden Dog:10-3
1: Ragatam Harris
2: Gameway Charles Dickens
3: Brackaghmoss Limeric Lad
Res: Joncroft Orcadion Scion
VHC: Jesholdais Sroi Gorm

Novice Dog:6-1
1: Ragatam Harris
2: Irton Up Helly Aa
3: Byron Green Grass
Res: Earthwise Follow Me
VHC: Kersfell Quest

Post Graduate Dog:7-4
1: Karison Kasper
2: Foxcraig Magician
3: Greenbrow Golden Grain of Enterlaw

Limit Dog:17-5
1: Appleside Alfred
2: Brumberhill Bestseller
3: Earthwise Deuteronomy ShCM
Res: Foxfactor Hornblower JW
VHC: Iacheslei Taum JW

Open Dog:17-7
1: Ch Tweedburn Valentino DCC & BIS
2: Ch Ashbrae Poacher RDCC
3: Ch Gameway Kiwi
Res: Ch Irton Silver Knight
VHC: Ch Tyrthop Tapas

Special Beginners Dog:4-2
1: Karison Kasper
2: Master Minstrel


Minor Puppy Bitch:7-2
1: Picer Polyanthus
2: Ragatam Harmony
3:Achnagairn Smart Card
Res: Mansergh Ditty
VHC: Crookdake Red Ruby

Puppy Bitch:12-3
1: Tythrop Traviata BPIS & RBCC
2: Joncroft Water Kelpie
3: Picer Bright Idea
Res: Brackaghmoss Sapphire
VHC:Irton Strawberry Fair

Junior Bitch:12-4
1: Conundrum Vixen
2: Vandameres Field of Gold in Comberdown
3: Ratcheugh Foxtrot
Res: Dugaden Wild Cat
VHC: Brackaghmoss Bramble

Yearling Bitch:13-1
1: Iacheslei Montanus JW
2: Winhazel Apocalypto
3: Appleside Malinda
Res: Foxcraig Magic
VHC: Talex Willow the Wisp

Maiden Bitch:9-2
1: Tythrop Traviata
2: Ragatam Harmony
3: Brackaghmoss Sapphire
Res: Mansergh Ditty
VHC: Irton Strawberry Fair

Novice Bitch:10-4
1 Tythrop Traviata :
2: Karison Klover
3: Ragatam Harmony
Res: Kenswift Primadonna
VHC: Mansergh Ditty

Post Graduate Bitch:21-8
1: Mickleheath Crystal By Ragatam
2: Carrickfarm Maddie
3: Otterbobs Nameless
Res: Bonny Sweet Scarlet
VHC: Ruelata Allspice

Limit Bitch:28-9
1: Vallemoss Viola
2: Mansergh Miss Otis
3: Iacheslei Deva JW
Res: Picer Cracker Jill
VHC: Wagtail Lass via Ycart

Open Bitch:14-9
1: Ch Brumberhill Betwixt ShCM JW BCC
2: Ch Matamba Sequin (sub KC conf.)
3: Mansergh Daisy Toats
Res: Otterwood Breeze
VHC:Nanrich Lets Go to Vandameres

Special Beginners Bitch5-2
1: Karison Klover
2: Achnagairn Bonny Brogue
3: Kenmilltry Time to be Said

Working Dog or Bitch 2-1
1: Thorneyburn Hexham High Jinks

Veteran Dog or Bitch 10-7
1: Ch Dandale Parkin at Tythrop
2: Ch/Ir.Ch Badgerholme Ripon Boy
3: Achnagairn Little Pate


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