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DOG CC: Stineval Acerola (Prof. S. Dean)
RES DOG CC: Dockens Augustus at Jenabeck (Mr. B. Aubrey)
BEST PUPPY DOG: Stineval Picotta (Mr. & Mrs. A. Horner)

BITCH CC: Port. Ch. Brumberhill Bumble Bee by Plushcourt (Mrs. B. Judge)
RES BCC: Nanrich Lets Go to Vandermere (Miss. J. Singh)
BEST PUPPY BITCH: Ottaswell Carmen (Mr & Mrs. D. Hunt)

BEST OF BREED: Port. Ch. Brumberhill Bumble Bee by Plushcourt
BEST PUPPY IN BREED: Ottaswell Carmen

Minor Puppy Dog ( 3 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: Lothbeg Louis

Puppy Dog ( 5 Entries) 1Abs:
1st: Stineval Picotta
2nd: Baillieswells Riechlachan
3rd: Tufterslodge Whistler
Res: Ottaswell Rigoletto

Junior Dog ( 5 Entries) 0 Abs:
1st: Stineval Acerola CC
2nd: Vandameres Secret Agent
3rd: Picer Monty Zoomer at Tufterslodge
Res: Reedbeck Likely Lad
VHC: Ruffenuf Pure Chance

Novice Dog ( 2 Entries) 0 Abs:
1st: Baillieswells Riechlachan
2nd: Lothbeg Louis

Graduate Dog (9 Entries) 0 Abs:
1st: Foxfactor Hornblower JW
2nd: Iacheslei Torus JW
3rd: Clipstone Tailor
Res: Lutrabeck Likewise
VHC: Nallerslane Harry Nut

Post Graduate Dog (10 Entries) 1Abs:
1st: Foxfactor Hornblower JW
2nd: Iacheslei Torus JW
3rd: Nookshot Highland Toffee
Res: Hoary Morning
VHC: Michaelmas Red

Limit Dog ( 10 Entries)2 Abs:
1st: Dandyhow Figaro at Glebeheath JW Sh.CM
2nd: Otterwood Amex JW Sh.CM
3rd: Dandyhow Dumb Waiter
Res: Glorran Captain Hook
VHC: Mansergh Hoast A Roast At Risdene

Open Dog (11 Entries) 2 Abs:
1st: Dockens Augustus at Jenabeck res CC
2nd: CH Tythrop Tapas
3rd: Risdene Quink
Res: Ch Wilderscot Toffee
VHC: Ch. Otterbobs Ninezergh

Minor Puppy Bitch ( 3 Entries) 1Abs:
1st: Mansergh Ditty
2nd: Tythrop Tequilera

Puppy Bitch ( 7 Entries) 4 Abs:
1st: Ottaswell Carmen Best pup
2nd: Chesterton Flirtation
3rd: Tufterslodge Willow

Junior Bitch ( 9 Entries)1 Abs:
1st: Laurelton Lara of Olderhill
2nd: Ballieswells Auchtertool
3rd: Borderella Amy
Res: Sextonmagic Betula of Withershins
VHC: Nookshot Naughty but Nice

Novice Bitch (3 Entries)3 Abs:

Graduate Bitch ( 11 Entries) 1 Abs:
1st: Totherend Toffee Apple
2nd: Cobstoneway Moonlight
3rd: Oatberry Vino Vita
Res: Mickleheath Crystal by Ragatam
VHC: Ballieswells Auchtertool

Post Graduate Bitch (16 Entries) 5 Abs:
1st: Otterwood Ilex JW ShCM
2nd: Tilmoray Tranquility
3rd: Gameway Cappuccino
Res: Baker's Delicious
VHC: Ballieswells Mortlach

Limit Bitch ( 15 Entries) 4 Abs:
1st: Nanrich Fingerprint of Vandamere
2nd: Otterwood Breeze JW ShCM
3rd: Stoneygin Ripon Ruby by Badgerholme JW ShCM
Res: Rubicon Raincloud ShCM
VHC: Mansergh Miss Otis

Open Bitch ( 12 Entries) 3Abs:
1st: Port. Ch. Brumberhill Bumble Bee by Plushcourt CC & BOB
2nd: Nanrich Lets Go to Vandamere Res CC
3rd: Dandyhow Spelling Bee
Res: Stineval Morello
VHC: Mansergh Daisytoats


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