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PAIGNTON & DISTRICT CH. SHOW -12th july 07 Empty PAIGNTON & DISTRICT CH. SHOW -12th july 07

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Dog CC: Ch. Otterbobs Ninezergh (Mrs. H. Gilpin)
Res Dog CC: Vandameres Secret Agent (Miss. J. Singh)
Best Puppy Dog: Ottaswell Rigoletto (Mr. M.J. & Mrs. V. P. Smith)
Bitch CC: Stoneygin Ripon Ruby by Badgerholme (Mr & Mrs. B. Dickinson & Miss. T. James)
Res Bitch CC: Portugese Ch Brumberhill Bumble Bee by Plushcourt (Mrs. B. Judge)
Best Puppy Bitch:Badgerbeck Purdi (Mr. P. and Mrs L. Macdonald)

Best Puppy: Badgerbeck Purdi
BEST OF BREED Stoneygin Ripon Ruby by Badgerholme:

Minor Puppy Dog 3-0
1st: Tufterslodge Whistler
2nd: Stineval Picotta
3rd: Kyscafter Emrys

Puppy Dog 3-0
1st: Ottaswell Rigoletto -Best dog pup
2nd: Picer Monty Zoomer (taf)
3rd: Tufterslodge Walnut

Junior Dog 8-3
1st: Vandameres Secret Agent Res CC
2nd: Bolt Tail Jebba
3rd: Kerensa Burdock at Rosenmogh
Res: Vallemoss Voodoo at Roxess
VHC: Paulabell Billy

Post Graduate Dog 17-3
1st: Foxfactor Hornblower JW
2nd: Iacheslei Torus JW
3rd: Hobhill Harrier JW
Res: Bolt Tail Jebba
VHC: Dowgri Dali

Limit Dog 12-4
1st: Dandyhow Figaro at Glebeheath JW Sh.CM
2nd: Iacheslei Taum JW
3rd: Otterwood Amex JW Sh.CM
Res: Lutrabeck Likewise
VHC: Blewe Of Hullavington

Open Dog
1st: Ch. Otterbobs Ninezergh Dog CC
2nd: Bel Ch Hartswelin Little Tyke at Oatberry
3rd: Ch Wilderscot Toffee
Res: Kersfell Cock Robin at Hobholt
VHC: Badgerbeck Mr Digs


Minor Puppy Bitch 3-0
1st: Kyscafter Nimue
2nd: Tufterslodge Willow
3rd: Nickeltweed Bella

Puppy Bitch 3-0
1st: Badgerbeck Purdi Best Puppy
2nd: Sextonmagic Betula of Withershins
3rd:Beeley Best Seller

Junior Bitch 11.-3
1st: Glebeheath Figurine
2nd:Baywillow Blue Bouquet for Badgerbeck
3rd: Othamcourt Ellie May
Res: Borderella Amy
VHC: Laurelton Lara of Olderhill

Post Graduate Bitch 18-8
1st: Totherend Toffee Apple
2nd: Mulysa Star Struck
3rd: Bakers Delicious
Res: Otterwood Ilex JW Sh.CM
VHC: Iacheslei Montanus JW

Limit Bitch 14-4
1st: Stoneygin Ripon Ruby By Badgerholme JW CC
2nd: Rubicon Rain Cloud
3rd: Otterwood Breeze JW Sh.CM
Res: Benattivo Mulberry
VHC: Hawcoat Winnie the Pooh

Open Bitch
1st: Port. Ch Brumberhill Bumble Bee by Plushcourt RES CC
2nd: Quatford Deep Run
3rd: Rubicon Reward
Res: Nanrich Lets Go To Vandamere
VHC: Tregirls Tamsyn of Olderhill


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