3 Counties Championship Show 11th June 2007

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3 Counties Championship Show 11th June 2007 Empty 3 Counties Championship Show 11th June 2007

Post by Julie on Wed Mar 04, 2009 2:56 pm

3 Counties Championship Show
Monday - 11th June 2007
Judge Mr Brian Baxter (Beenaben)

DOC CC: Brumberhill Best Seller (Mr. S. McPherson)
RES DOG CC: Appleside Alfred (Mrs. M. Winder)
BITCH CC: Ch Hollowmoor Coremy (Mrs. A. Williams)
RES BITCH CC: Axbor Elektra (AH00442SWE)(Mrs. U. Axen)
BEST PUPPY DOG: Vandameres Secret Agent (Miss.J. Singh)
BEST PUPPY BITCH: Badgerbeck Purdi (Mr. P. & Mrs. L. MacDonald)
BEST OF BREED AND TERRIER GROUP 4: Brumberhill Best Seller (Mr. S. McPherson)
BEST PUPPY IN BREED: Badgerbeck Purdi (Mr.P. & Mrs. L. MacDonald)

Minor Puppy Dog: 6-2
1: Arizcrow Seargeant at Arms
2: Gameway Charles Dickens
3: Partridgedale Palmetto
Res: Kersfell Quest

Puppy Dog: 2-1
1: Vandameres Secret Agent

Junior Dog: 5-1
1: Penlumeg Percival by Badgerbeck JW
2: Bromscar Powder Finger
3: Jenabeck Cie Coch
Res: Bolt Tail Jebba

Post Graduate Dog:13-0
1: Brockfox Buckshot
2: Badgerbeck Mr Digs
3: Brockfox Mr Bombastic
Res: Hobholt Harrier JW
VHC: Master Minstral

Limit Dog: 15-1
1: Brumberhill Best Seller- CC
2: Appleside Alfred Res CC
3: Rhozzum Dankworth
Res: Ottaswell Correspondent
VHC: Glorron Captain Hook

Open Dog: 11-2
1:Ch Ashbrae Poacher
2: Ch Tythrop Tapas
3: Rockamore Super Son (AH00430SWE)
Res: Axbor Dante (AH00441SWE)
VHC: Kersfell Comet JW

Minor Puppy Bitch: 11-2
1: Partridgedale Blueberry
2: Bandicoot Candytwist
3: Ottaswell Carmen
Res: Beeley Best seller
VHC: Esyntona Tyskie

Puppy Bitch: 2
1: Badgerbeck Purdi Best puppy
2: Aldamar Aotearoa of Brumborder

Junior Bitch: 15-4
1: Conundrum Vixen
2: Baywillow Tarte Tatin
3: Totherend Toffee Apple
Res : Blue Tutu via Ycart
VHC: Borderella Amy

Post Graduate Bitch: 17-4
1: Wagtail Lass via Ycart
2: Clipstone Tweed at Bramblequest
3: Baker's Delicious
Res: Otterwood Ilex JW ShCh
VHC: Wyken Pippin

Limit Bitch: 15-4
1: Dugaden Ptarmigan
2: Ashbrae Trinnie
3: Mansergh Miss Otis
Res: Stoneygin Ripon Ruby by Badgerholme JW ShCh
VHC: Kighill Milly Moo

Open Bitch: 14-3
1: Ch Hollowmore Coremy CC
2: Axbor Elektra (AHoo442SWE) Res CC
3: Port Ch Brumberhill Bumblebee by Plushcourt
Res: Mansergh Daisytoats
VHC:Dandyhow Madame Butterfly


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