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Southern Counties Championship Show
Saturday - 2nd June 2007


Judge: Michelle Barnett (Brockfox)

replacing scheduled Judge Gordon Knight (Sundalgo)

DOC CC: Risdene Tapenade (Miss.S.A. Leslie & Mr. J. Bainbridge)
RES DOG CC: Penlumeg Percival By Badgerbeck JW (Mr.P. & Mrs. L. MacDonald)
BITCH CC: Baywillow Blue Bouquet for Badgerbeck (Mr.P. & Mrs. L. MacDonald)
RES BITCH CC: Dandyhow Madam Butterfly (Mrs. L.A. Crawley)
BEST PUPPY DOG: Arizcrow Sergeant At Arms (Mrs. J. Butler)
BEST PUPPY BITCH: Badgerbeck Purdi (Mr.P. & Mrs. L. MacDonald)

BEST OF BREED: Risdene Tapenade (Miss.S.A. Leslie & Mr. J. Bainbridge)
BEST PUPPY IN BREED: Badgerbeck Purdi (Mr.P. & Mrs. L. MacDonald)

Minor Puppy Dog: 6-2
1: Arizcrow Sergeant At Arms
2: Baillieswells Riechlachan
3: Kersfell Quest
Res: Ottaswell Rigoletto

Puppy Dog: 1-1

Junior Dog: 7-1
1: Penlumeg Percival By Badgerbeck JW Res CC
2: Stineval Acerola
3: Towden Storm Diver at Laurelton
Res: Jenabeck Cie Coch
VHC: Blythwind Border Plaid

Yearling Dog 8-2
1: Iacheslei Torus JW
2: Hobholt Harrier JW
3: Foxfactor Hornblower JW
Res: Badgerbeck Festive Spirit
VHC: Michaelmas Red

Graduate Dog: 7-0
1: Iacheslei Torus JW
2: Hawcoat Double Expresso
3: Badgerbeck Mr Digs
Res: Ballieswells Riechlachan
VHC: Badgerbeck Festive Spirit

Post Graduate Dog: 6-0
1: Blewe Of Hullavington
2: Badgerbeck Mr Digs
3: Grovedown High Status
Res: Bolt Tail Jebba
VHC: Nookshot Highland Toffee

Limit Dog: 7-1
1: Otterwood Amex JW ShCM
2: Iacheslei Taum JW
3: Mansergh Hoast A Roast At Risdene
Res: Conundrum Malachite At Jaslou
VHC: Mystical Prince

Open Dog: 8-1
1: Risdene Tapenade CC
2: Dockens Augustus at Jenabeck JW
3: Kersfell Comet JW
Res: Farmway Night Owl JW
VHC: Risdene Quink

Veteran Dog or Bitch 3-0
1. Mulysa Miss Muffet
2. Dandyhow Sir Toby
3. Clipstone Quat' Saisons

Minor Puppy Bitch: 9-2
1: Badgerbeck Purdi- Best Puppy
2: Jaslou Ceraunus Blue
3: Manx Explorer
Res: Ottaswell Carmen
VHC: Bandicoot Candy Twist

Puppy Bitch: 5-1
1: Sextonmagic Betula of Withershins
2: Mattedonn Bonnie Beatrix
3: Foxleaze Lovely Lady
Res: Withybank Travelious

Junior Bitch: 15-0
1: Baywillow Blue Bouquet for Badgerbeck CC
2: Penlumeg Pendant
3: Hartswelin She's Magic
Res: Dandyhow Declared at Barterhound
VHC: Othamcourt Ellie May

Yearling Bitch: 10-1
1: Iacheslei Montanus JW
2: Stoneygin Ripon Ruby by Badgerholme JW ShCM
3: Cobstoneway Moonlight
Res: Hartswelin She's Magic
VHC: Wyken Pippin

Graduate Bitch: 14-5
1: Iacheslei Montanus JW
2: Tyrian Lady Eowyn
3: Mansergh Miss Otis
Res:Dandyhow Declared at Barterhound
VHC: Glebeheath Figurine

Post Graduate Bitch: 17-6
1: Bagerbeck Fantacy JW
2: Otterwood Ilex JW ShCM
3: Bagerholme Ascot Charm at Darboral JW
Res: Springhill Pacify of Cobstoneway
VHC: Hartswelin Jazz

Limit Bitch: 12-0
1: Haseley Harriet
2: Iacheslei Deva JW
3: Rubicon Raincloud ShCM
Res: Manx Ballaqueen
VHC: Ottaswell First Edition

Open Bitch: 7-2
1: Dandyhow Madam Butterfly res CC
2: Mansergh Daisytoats
3: Rubicon Reward
Res: Allstead Tazmin
VHC:Mansergh Maisytoats at Alcumlow


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