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Yorks Lancs & Cheshire BTC open 5th May 07
Judge Mr Mike Hollingsbee

Best Dog & BIS - Ruelata Acrobat at Redfox
Res Best Dog - Badgerholme Ripon Garnet JW
Best Bitch , Res BIS, BOS - Badgerholme Ascot Charm at Darboral JW
Res Best Bitch - Badgerholme Eber Venture at Darboral JW
Best Pup Bandicoot Candy Twist

Minor Pup Dog 2/1
1st Hardman - Bonosue Ezakorka

Pup Dog 3/2
1st Gregory - Paulabell Billy

Junior Dog 4/1
1st Marr - Ruelata Acrobat at Redfox
2nd Harrison - Iacheslei Torus JW
3rd Price - Oxcroft Rouser

Novice Dog 2/1
1st Hardman - B Ezakorka

Post Grad Dog 5/3
1st Bassett - Runalong Jake
2nd Kelly - Tythrop Jupiter

Limit Dog 8/4
1st Dickinson - Badgerholme Ripon Garnet
2nd Price - Oxcroft Roonie
3rd Harrison - Iacheslei Taum JW
4th Small Tulawyn Oberon at Tilmoray

Open Dog 4/2
1st Renshaw Turnbill - Meopham Dancer at Ironstone
2nd Small T Oberon at Tilmoray

Minor Pup Bitch 6/0
1st Docwra - Bandicoot Candy Twist
2nd - Harris - Nickletweed Bella
3rd Bachner - Hawkholt Alexandrova
4th Hardman - Bonosue Reebok Lady
5th Hardman - Spanwise Harvest Moon

Pup B 7/4
1st H Alexandrova
2nd Hopson - Orenberg Bria Von Totemia
3rd Cooper Glenorchy Reba

Junior Bitch 9/4
1st Price - Oxcroft Ruby
2nd Harrison - Iacheslei Montanus JW
3rd Green Rambling Rose Lilly
4th Crawson Flynn - Thorneyburn Molly Malone at Hewbay
5th Iddon - Silver Hay

Novice Bitch 8/4
1st -B Candy Twist
2nd - B Reebok Lady
3rd - T Molly Malone at Hewbay
4th - Green/ Bird - I'm Truly Scrunptious

Post Grad B 8/4 !
1st Howitt - Badgerholme Ascot Charm at Darboral JW
2nd Bryan /Pounder - HemlockstoneJinn
3rd Wright - Totherend
4th Hardman - Bonosue Scarlet Ribbons

Limit Bitch 12/6
1st Newsome - Kighill Millymoo JW
2nd Harrison - Iacheslei Deva JW
3rd Small - Tilmoray Tranquility
4th Wright - Totherend Blue Belle OBall
5th Hardman - Spanwise Goblet of Fire

Open Bitch 8/3
1st Howitt - Badgerholme Eber Venture at Darboral JW
2nd James - Blackmine Paper Heart
3rd T Tranquility
4th Barber Mansergh Maisytoats at Alcumlow
5th Hardman - Spanwise Whortleberry

Special Beginner 5/2
T Tranquility
H Jinni
T Oberon at Tilmoray

Veteran D/B 6/ 1
1st Dickinson - Ch Badgerholme Ripon Boy JW
2nd Armstrong - Farmway Wicked Widgeon with Justrite
3rd Wright - Totherend Hot Shot
4th Hardman - Bonosue Queen of the Nile
5th Barber Alcumlow Ooh Justa Lil Bit


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