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OPEN SHOW - Sunday 18th February 2007
Judge: Mr. Max King (Brenin)

Best in Show : Kersfell Comet. JW. (Mrs. M. Sneddon)
Res. BIS and Best Opp. Sex: Gameway Spice (Mrs. T. Clark)
BPIS: Vandamere Secret Agent (Miss. J. Singh)

[b]Minor Pup Dog (6-3)
1. Singh’s Vandamere’s Secret Agent. BP
2. Pickering’s Picer Monty Zoomer.
3. Gregory’s Paulabell Billy.

Pup Dog (7-1)
1. Freeman’s Bolt Tail Jebba.
2. Brook’s Bandicoot April Storm.
3. Marr’s Ruelata Acrobat at Redfox.

JuniorDog (5)
1. Wallace’s Hobholt Harrier.
2. Price’s Oxcroft Rouser.
3. Harrison’s Iacheslei Torus.

Novice dog (3)
1. Hemstock’s Jolihem Jack Sparrow. Res Best Dog.
2. Bolt Tail Jebba.
3. Picer Monty Zoomer.

GradDog (5-1)
1 Jolihem Jack Sparrow.
2 Peacock’s Ragatam Guilder.
3. Johnson’s Karison Kasper.

Post Grad Dog (6-3)
1. Axford’s Barterhound Rhinestone.
2. Ragatam Guilder.
3. Batchelor’s Crossreguill Calagary Sky Over Blythwind.

Limit Dog (10-2)
1. Sneddon’s Kerfell Comet.. BestDog and BIS.
2. Hollingsbee’s Otterwood Amex.
3. Lazell’s Foxyard Shropshire Blue.

OpenDog (6)
1. Pickering’s Picer Cour Di Bue.
2. Hemstock’s Jolihem Cookie Monster.
3. Lazell’s Foxyard Shropshire Blue.


Minor Pup Bitch (6-2)
1. Huddleston’s Ophelia of Elsinore.
2. Smith & Watts’ Markrich My Moti.
3. Hopson’s Orenberg Bria Von Totemia.

Pup Bitch (12-3)
1. Vasey’s Ruelata Allspice.
2. Docwra’s Bandicoot Miss April.
3. Orenberg Bria Von Totemia.

Junior Bitch (14-2)
1. Price’s Oxcroft Ruby Res. Best Bitch.
2. Dickinson’s Stoneygin Ripon Ruby at Badgerholme.
3. Sneddon’s Annesuz Dawn Run to Kersfell.

Novice Bitch (15-2)
1. Peacock’s Micleheath Crystal by Ragatamb.
2. Johnson’s Karison Klover.
3. Speake & Tart’s Aurora’s Popcorn.

Grad BitchB (11-3)
1. Moss’ Vallemoss Viola.
2. Gittens’ Smartstone Darling at Tregennadene.
3. Annesuz Dawn Run to Kersfell.

Post Grad Bitch (13-3)
1. Price’s Oxcroft Rockstar.
2. Hollingbee’s Otterwood Ilex.
3. Simmonds & Decellif’s Zammit Daisy Chain.

Limit Bitch (10-4)
1. Cadman’s Otterbobs Kirksty at Junctionnine.
2. James’ Blackmine Paper Heart.
3. Singh’s Nanrich Lets Go to Vandamere.

Open Bitch (6-2)
1. Clark’s Gameway Spice. Best Bitch and Res BIS.
2 Singh’s Nanrich Fingerprint of Vandamere..
3. Hollingsbee’s Badgerholme The Oakes at Otterwood.

Veteran Dog or Bitch (6-2)
1. Hemstock’s Oxcroft Rector at Jolihem.
2. Hollingsbee’s Gaytime Girl of Otterwood.
3. Wright’s Totherend Hot Shot.

Spec Challenge Dog or bitch (7)
1. Bolt Tail Jebba.
2. Pearson’s Orenberg Tilly Trotter at Mascani.
3. Bryan & Pounder’s Hemlockstone Jinni.

Max King (Judge)


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